Volunteering with Abrigo

Abrigo Centre’s volunteer program is built on the strengths of dedicated individuals.  Our volunteers generously contribute their time and energy to support our mission.  Some of the agency’s activities enriched by the help of our volunteers are:

  • Assisting clients with applications forms;
  • Providing support for programs and workshops that we deliver;
  • Organization celebrations, fundraising, and other special events.

Our volunteers are a vital and integral part of Abrigo Centre, who give of themselves and in return enrich their lives by developing new skills.  In fiscal 2015/16, our 89 volunteers and 17 student volunteers provided 16,726 hours of direct service. This has generated an infusion of tremendous energy and skill into our agency.

Interested in applying to volunteer for Abrigo Centre?

There are many great opportunities for our volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer for us, there are three ways you can join Abrigo Centre, as a volunteer:

1.   Download our Volunteer Application Form (PDF), print it out and fill in your information.

Mail your application to:

Valeria Sales, Volunteer Coordinator
Abrigo Centre
1645 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON M6H 3L9

2.  E-mail or Fax your completed application along to: vsales@abrigo.ca or 416-534-8026.

3. Visit us in person and speak with our receptionist for more information.

If you would like more information on volunteering for the Abrigo Centre, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Valeria Sales by telephone or e-mail, 416-534-3434 ext. 226 or vsales@abrigo.ca.

If you are a university or community college student looking for practicum information, please contact our Program Supervisor Cidalia Pereira by telephone or e-mail, 416-534-3434 ext. 231 or cpereira@abrigo.ca.

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