Individual and Family Counselling

Individual & Family Counselling

Abrigo Centre provides counselling services to individuals and occasionally fami­lies, of Portuguese and English speaking backgrounds, regarding issues that impact their emotional health and well being. Our counsellors assist people with such issues as parenting challenges, inter­generational conflict, depression, anxiety, coping with trauma and difficult life transitions. Abrigo Centre helps individuals by providing them with the support required to navigate through their life is­sues and make informed decisions and changes in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

My family has so many different issues going how do I know if this is the right place for us?
Feel free to call and speak to a counsellor. The counsellor will let you know if we can help. The counsellor will be honest with you and help you figure out whether we are the right place. If there are other places that could serve your needs better the counsellor will help you research the best
My husband and I don’t get along very well and he sometimes hits me. He wants us to come in for marital counselling so that I can stop making him so mad. Can you help us?
Marital counselling is available through this program but not where violence and intimidation in the couple’s relationship. We are prepared to assist a couple where there is violence through our other programs. Where violent family members have made significant changes and have stopped and taken responsibility for their abusive behaviour then family and marital counselling is available.
My husband I have problems. Can you talk to him and tell him that he has to treat me differently?
We are able to help persons who want to be helped. We provide information, referrals and support to the people who come to our office and want to receive services.
How do I get to see a Family Counsellor?
Any member of the family can call to explain what the family is looking for and to book an appointment. We will help you plan how to get your family involved in the counselling.
Who can benefit from the Family Services program at Abrigo Centre?
Any member of a couple or family who speaks Portuguese is eligible for this program. It is a program that helps individuals, couples and families with children or grand parents to improve how their family communicates with each other.
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