Board and Staff

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the Board of Directors and to all of the volunteers that have supported Abrigo Centre’s work during the past year. To our staff team, thank you for the professionalism, care and dedication that you give each and every day.

Board of Directors:

  • Cidalia Faria, Vice Chair
  • Deyan Kostovski
  • Diana Da Silva
  • Ilda Januario, Secretary
  • Kathleen Teixeira
  • Lena Barreto, Chair
  • Michael Storino
  • Paula Oliveira
  • Patricia Harper


  • Ana Machado, PAR Program Counsellor
  • Anderson Salvador, PAR Program Counsellor
  • Cidalia Pereira, Supervisor, Counselling Services
  • Ed Graça, Executive Director
  • Gerald Luciano, Manager, Fundraising and Communications
  • Karina Santos, Counsellor
  • Liliana da Cunha, Counsellor
  • Luciana Pache de Faria, Counsellor
  • Marília dos Santos, Counsellor
  • Marta Santos, Counsellor
  • Martina Esteves, Counsellor
  • Rosane Fernandes, Receptionist
  • Teresa Emmanuel, TAG-V Program Facilitator
  • Valéria Sales, Supervisor, Client Service Assessments & Coordinator of Volunteers
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