About Us

Mission Statement

To build community capacity in west Toronto by helping individuals and families achieve their full potential.


To ensure our collaborative efforts result in socially integrated and empowered individuals, families and communities.

Our Strategic Plan

1. We will maintain our current programs and expand services to youth and seniors as resources allow. We will do this through innovation and collaboration.


  • Maintain current programs
  • Continue innovation in our youth programming
  • Enhance services to seniors

2. We will maintain our current funding and build on our community fundraising and relationships.


  • Maintain current funding & funders
  • Develop & execute an annual fundraising plan

3. We will participate in advocacy through collaboration and partnerships as a strong United Way Anchor Agency.


  • Execute anchor activities as they are defined
  • Participate in advocacy initiatives

4. We will build on current awareness of Abrigo's impact and expand it across the GTA.


  • Expand awareness of Abrigo and its impact
  • Increase Abrigo's online presence

5. We will build on the strengths of our people and our organizational infrastructure to ensure Abrigo's sustainability.


  • Invest in our people
  • Implement annual plan to improve staff satisfaction
  • Improve our governance and leadership
  • Improve the use of our space
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