About Us

Mission Statement

To build community capacity in west Toronto by helping individuals and families achieve their full potential.


To ensure our collaborative efforts result in socially integrated and empowered individuals, families and communities.

Goals for Fiscal 2018/19

1. Lead by example as a strong and active United Way anchor agency that is committed to helping women and children with domestic abuse issues and reduce poverty in our community.

2. Continue to address other social issues such as educating youth on healthy relationships, helping newcomers and removing seniors out of the destructive cycle of loneliness and isolation.

3. Continue to evolve as an organization to match the needs of our clients and provide the appropriate services where the requirements are the greatest. We will grow and prosper by telling compelling stories and sharing the positive impact our work makes in the community.

We provide relevant programs and services to individuals, families, youth and seniors that empower them to achieve their full potential.


Programs & Services

1. Maintain current levels
2. Increase youth outreach
3. Create info workshops for seniors
4. New youth workshops on site

Diverse Funding

1. Maintain existing funding
2. Enhance funding sources
3. Create & implement donor-based funding strategy

Community Outreach

1. Build relationships with strategic partners
2. Strengthen presence at existing tables
3. Develop & implement social media strategy
4. Develop & execute communications plan
5. Align outreach to target population/segments

Operations Responsiveness

1. Annual review of succession plans for key roles
2. Integrate evaluation programs
3. Implement program metrics
4. Enhance accessibility for programming
5. Recruit & retain top talent

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