WSIB offers up support to Abrigo

15 January 2020 / Uncategorized / 0 Comment

WSIB's Annual United Way Campaign provides personal hygiene packs and products for Abrigo clients

Representatives from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) recently donated a huge haul of completed hygiene packages and products to the Abrigo Centre for distribution to our clients.

Over 180 complete kits filled with soap, shampoo, toothpaste and lotions as well as hundreds of individual items were provided for clients in Abrigo's Life and Hope group for seniors, the moms and dads in our parenting classes and other clients in need.

John Denham and Christel Wilkat from WSIB delivered the items and took the time to visit with our Life and Hope seniors. Our sincerest thanks to John, Christel and the entire WSIB team for their generosity.

WSIB's John Denham, left, and Christel Wilkat, right, delivered boxes of personal hygiene products to the Abrigo Centre after their highly successful 2019 United Way fundraising campaign.

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