Sanofi Pasteur visits Abrigo during Fall Day of Caring

01 November 2019 / Uncategorized / 0 Comment

One of the great rewards of being an Anchor Agency of the United Way Greater Toronto is the opportunity to host eight volunteers from a large organization each spring and fall to demonstrate to that group where their UW donations go and the impact it makes on the local community.

Abrigo recently had the pleasure to spend the Fall Day of Caring with a group of remarkable women from Sanofi Pasteur Canada. Not only during their time at Abrigo did they learn about the history of the organization and what we do to assist over 6,500 women, men and children each year, they also made an impact on the clients in Abrigo's Life and Hope seniors group.

Our intrepid volunteers prepared that day's lunch, cleaned, organized, watered the plants and spent a significant amount of time conversing with the clients. By the time lunch rolled around, the Sanofi volunteers had already enjoyed some chocolate cake and danced to a number of traditional Portuguese songs with the seniors. It was a wonderful experience for all involved.

Thank you to all the volunteers from Sanofi Pasteur for making your United Way day of service a memorable one for our clients.

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