"Kissed" the new exhibit by Stella Jurgen

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A Percentage of Sales will be Donated to the Abrigo Centre

The last Friday of September saw a large crowd assembled for the Opening Reception at The Peach Gallery in Toronto for "Kissed" the new exhibit from Oakville-based artist, musician and designer Stella Jurgen.

Friends, supporters, artists and community members turned out on mass for a memorable evening of music and art as the dynamic powerhouse Stella Jurgen not only unveiled a bevy of colourful paintings and drawings but also performed a number of songs along with her tight three-piece band Jazz Plazma.

For the last three years Stella has been a faithful and generous supporter of the Abrigo Centre. Whether it is through the donation of her time, services or artwork, she is always there for our agency when needed. A percentage of sales from the "Kissed" exhibit will be donated to the Abrigo Centre in support of women and children who are experiencing or have survived domestic violence or abuse.

Thank you to Stella Jurgen for all her ongoing support.

"Kissed" runs through to October 21 at The Peach Gallery, 722 College Street, Toronto.

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