Mother's Day celebrations at Abrigo

11 May 2017 / Uncategorized / Comments Off on Mother's Day celebrations at Abrigo

Musician Nuno Cristo performs at Abrigo's annual Mother's Day celebration

The Abrigo Centre was proud to have guest musician and singer Nuno Cristo perform for a full house of seniors at our annual Mother's Day celebration. The colourful event featured wonderful food, music and dancing but around the festivities, Mr. Cristo performed an hour long set of classic Portuguese folk music much to the delight of his audience. His energetic music brought many onto the dance floor and Abrigo clients were singing along to a number of the songs in unison with Mr. Cristo.

Mr. Cristo performed at Abrigo's Imagine the Possibilities Gala in March and we were delighted that he donated his time and talents to entertain our clients and give back to the community.

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