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  • Raffle for painitng raises $450 for Abrigo

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    Winner selected at Abrigo's AGM

    Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who purchased tickets for the recent Abrigo Centre raffle of the lovely Stella Jurgen painting "Portugal". In total, approximately $450 was raised through this initiative for the programs and services Abrigo provides to almost 6,000 clients each year.

    The winner was chosen on September 30 at Abrigo's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

    Our thanks and congratulations to Celia for purchasing the winning ticket!

  • $110,000 Gift Will Help Connect Abrigo’s Seniors to Programing on Second Floor

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    LiUNA makes history!

    The Abrigo Centre is pleased to announce a transformational cumulative gift of $110,000 provided to our agency by the membership of LiUNA Local 183, the LiUNA Ontario Provincial District Council, LiUNA International, the Canadian Council of Construction Unions and the Benefit Plan Administrators Limited.

    This gift is a watershed moment in Abrigo’s history. Our agency will be forever grateful to all involved for jumpstarting our fundraising campaign for a new elevator at the Abrigo Centre.

    Abrigo improves the lives of close to 6,000 individuals and families each year. We connect people to possibilities and having an elevator on the premises will allow all Abrigo clients and guests access to the programing available on our building’s second floor. It will also allow us to stay ahead of any government mandated accessibility legislation.

    “For 25 years Abrigo Centre has been making a difference in the lives of the women, men, children and seniors who turn to us for assistance,” says Ed Graca, Executive Director. “Abrigo’s seniors programing is a vital part of what we do and is a strategic priority for us going forward.”

    Announced at Abrigo’s Annual General Meeting on September 30th, the news resulted in a loud and sustained celebration. For the 20 or so seniors on hand that evening the announcement brought cheers and tears of joy.

    Three days a week Abrigo’s seniors programming takes place on our second floor. A new elevator will eventually allow all participants access to the various programs and events held on that level.

    Thank you again to the membership of LiUNA Local 183, LiUNA OPDC and their fundraising partners for this wonderfully generous gift.

    Abrigo will keep its community apprised on the progress of the elevator as it moves forward through its various stages.

  • Abrigo celebrates National Seniors Day on Oct. 1

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    Members of Abrigo's Grupo Vida e Esperanca celebrate in style!

    Close to 90 seniors from Abrigo's Portuguese-speaking seniors group (Grupo Vida e Esperanca) celebrated National Seniors Day on Thursday, October 1 upstairs on Abrigo second floor with a day filled with activities, food and fun.

    The group regularly gathers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including exercise, meditation, singing, dancing, art classes and much more.

    Any senior who is interested in joining the group should call Abrigo at 416-534-3434 or email us at

    Attendees at Abrigo's National Senior's Day celebration

    Fun was had by all!

  • Abrigo's Annual General Meeting held Sept. 30th

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    Three Abrigo clients share their stories of hardship and success

    The Abrigo Centre held its 25th Annual General Meeting on September 30 at the Dufferin / St. Clair Library in front of a packed meeting room. Among the guests were Andrew Cash, Member of Parliament, Davenport and Ambassador José de Sá Pimentel, Consul-General of Brazil in Toronto.

    After a brief reception, Board Chair Oriana Melo began the meeting right at the scheduled start time of 6:00 p.m. and lead the other Board members and Executive Director Ed Graca through the business portion of the meeting. Included was a presentation of the Financial Report, the appointment of the agency's auditors for the next fiscal year and the election of three new Board members. The Abrigo Centre is pleased to welcome Ilda Januario, Miguel Mendes and Diana Da Silva to the Board.

    Following the business portion of the meeting, a special segment entitled Abrigo Centre: Chapters in the Journey of Life was presented with three Abrigo clients telling deeply personal stories and then how the Abrigo Centre assisted them during turbulent times in their life and today. The clients ranged in service with Abrigo from a few months to 21 years.

    Abrigo Board member Jose Medeiros is recognized by Board Chair Oriana Melo for his six years of outstanding service to the Abrigo Centre.

    Ambassador José de Sá Pimentel, Consul-General of Brazil in Toronto

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